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  1. Herzlich willkommen @Giselee! Das neueste Mitglied bei Extent.
  2. Und wir freuen uns, Raz in unseren Rängen begrüssen zu dürfen!
  3. Wir begrüssen herzlich Supi84 und Chewbacca0 bei Extensive Enterprises.
  4. Wir begrüssen Tauboss in unseren Reihen. Herzlich willkommen!
  5. Alle guten Dinge sind 4? Herzlich willkommen Misao , Kenzzo Gabriel , Escanor und JuriD16!
  6. War heute morgen in den Hurston News 18 und möchte ich euch nicht vorenthalten. Wurde leider nur auf Englisch ausgestahlt. Alena Esweld: “.... one moment Joe. I just hear that our Stanton correspondent Elliot Harrison has breaking news from Lorville, Hurston... lets go to Elliot. Elliot, what do you have for us?” Elliot Harrison: “Good morning Alena. Some minutes ago a short-term announced press conference has been closed, where spokesmen of Extensive Enterprises and German Resources PLC announced a joint letter of intent about the future collaboration of both companies in the exploitation and extraction of resources. As Auric Halcyon chairman of the board and majority shareholder stated: .. this collaboration will ensure our both reliable growth in this sector by combining our fleets and staff, especially the combination of our security forces to stand our ground against the growing threat of the Vanduul. It is our duty to ensure the continuous support of our economy and imperial fleet to win this battle... Alena Esweld: Elliot, can you tell us more about Auric Halcyon? Elliot Harrison: Yes, Alena. Auric Halcyon is the oldest of two sons of the former owner of German Resources PLC, Theodor Halcyon, who was killed in the terrible Vanduul raid in the Vega System in 2945. He was born 2908 and grew up on Terra. After finishing school, he joint the Army in 2928 and served as a officer in the logistic branch. During his service and officers training he studied Aerospace Engineering and graduated in 2935. In 2940 after his 12 year service he left the army as captain and started his career in the company of his father, where he quickly climbed up the hierarchy. When his father was killed during the battle of Vega II in 2945, he took over the responsibility as chairman of the board. His little brother Troy Halcyon, who was born in 2925 is also working in the company. Auric is not married and has no children. Only less is known about his personal life, but there are rumors that his former life partner Konstantin Helvet was killed by an fatal accident on Terra in 2946. Since this tragedy Auric Halcyon has disappeared from public events on Terra. Back to you, Alena. Alena Esweld: Thanks Elliot. And now back to our weather forecast with Joe Brown... Minutes of weather news are passing and a few commercials for newest hydroponic equipment and Loreville based SAR & Emergency Doc services later, Alena Esweld appears back on the screen. Alena Esweld: "Welcome back to the morning news. For all who haven't followed us earlier, we just had the opportunity to announce the cooperation of two regional deep space exploration players. Auric Halcyon, entrepreneur who rarely appears on the screen announced the future collaboration between his company and Extensive Enterprises. I just spoke with Elliot Harrison who told me that he has now Peter Morgenstern, CEO of Extensive Enterprises, at the stock market in Loreville next to him. Let us see, what he has to say." Elliot Harrision: "Thank you Alena and good morning everyone. Next to me I have Peter Morgenstern, CEO of the partner organization Extensive Enterprises. Why did you team up with German Resources?" Peter Morgenstern: "We have had some fruitful discussions in the past that brought us closer together. With the existing security force and deep space exploration capabilities, we are always looking for partners that tie in well. Auric and German Resources PLC are a great addition with their large fleet of resourcing focused assets and industry experience. We expect tremendous economies of scale by adding 26% through German Resources to our galactic hauling capacity." Elliot Harrision: "These insights are very interesting. Please tell us, why now in 2949?" Peter Morgenstern: "The timing is spot on. 2949 is at the beginning of a new area and our organization reaches a new level of maturity. For German Resources we can grant the opportunity to become an integral part of our partner organization and help to shape at least a decade of joint growth. Important decisions will be made in the upcoming months, so it is really the best time to join Extensive Enterprises. But now I invite everybody to participate in our welcome party tonight." Elliot Harrision: "Thank you Peter. I have heard rumors that you rented a fantastic 890 Jump for this venue and I know that your parties are legendary. Back to the studio and back to Alena."
  7. Wenn die NT fast fertig wäre, dann würden sie es doch gerade während der Sale Zeit (eher am Anfang wenn der Hype Train noch fährt) sagen. Sie ist zudem nicht mit beim Roadmap Update hinzugenommen worden (die Hercules schon). Von den Eventteilnehmern hat auch niemand bisher gepostet, dass die Flightready Das spricht alles gegen einen baldigen Release. Dafür spricht die eine Folie, auf der stand: man habe bis Ende Juli gearbeitet. Und vielleicht noch die Greybox Aufnahme vom Cockpit.... Also, was ist wahrscheinlicher?
  8. Casualties of war, würde ich sagen. Wird vorkommen und läuft dann für beide dumm.
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