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Star Citizen Update (Patch) Melder


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Star Citizen Patch 3.0.0 ist online


Die Star Citizen Version 3.0 hat das PTU verlassen und wurde pünktlich zu Weihnachten für alle Backer freigegeben.


In diesem Zusammenhang hat CIG die offiziellen Hardware-Anforderungen überarbeitet:


Windows 7 (64bit) with Service Pack 1, Windows 8 (64bit), Windows 10 – Anniversary Update (64bit)
DirectX 11 Graphics Card with 2GB RAM (4GB strongly recommended)
Quad Core CPU
SSD strongly recommended


Der minimale Arbeitsspeicher wurde auf 16+ GB erhöht, ebenso sind die Anforderungen an Grafikkarte und Festplatte deutlich heraufgesetzt worden.


Die vollständigen Patch-Notes sind sehr lang, weshalb ich diese nur verlinke. Den kompletten Text findet ihr hier: 



Um die Alpha 3.0 spielen zu können, ist das deinstallieren eurer alten 2.6.x Installation und eine vollständige Neuinstallation der 3.0 erforderlich. Den neuen RSI Launcher zum Installieren könnt Ihr hier (https://robertsspaceindustries.com/download) herunterladen.


Viel Spaß und frohe Weihnachten euch allen...


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Danke, dir auch schöne Weihnachten. 

Die Hardware erfülle ich in allen Punkten, jedoch ist es nicht spielbar. 

Ich hatte alles gelöscht und komplett neu installiert. 

Morgen nochmal dran gehen, wenn der Besuch weg ist :-)

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  • 10 months later...

Star Citizen Alpha 3.3.5 Available!



Hi everyone,

We're happy to announce that Star Citizen Alpha 3.3.5 (SC Alpha 3.3.5-live.996871) is now available to all backers!

Please find the detailed list of additions in the patch notes here:

Tyler Witkin Lead Community Manager





Star Citizen Patch 3.3.5

Alpha Patch 3.3.5 has been released and is now available!  Patch should now show: LIVE-996871

It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizenPTU\LIVE.

Known Issues

  • Players may not be automatically placed into local chat on the visor.
  • Enemy AI ships often appear to not take damage.
  • Players may experience stuttering when initially arriving or spawning at Lorville.
  • Many delivery missions will not update or will have markers spawn in bad locations.
  • During peak times after initial release, players may experience a lengthy initial game load.


3.3.5 Updates

New Features


  • Added: New Planet – Hurston.

Hurston is the first planetary location and as such is considerably larger than moons and has varied biomes.  Additionally, you will found several outposts, labed HMC (Hurston Mining Centers) scattered about the surface.

  • Added: New Moons – Aberdeen, Magda, Arial, and Ita and populated them with a handful of outposts.
  • Added: Seven Additional rest stops.
  • Added: New Major Landing Zone – Lorville

Lorville is a large city area and as such only has one legal area for landing and port entry.  Space above residential and commercial areas are protected by a no-fly zone.  Players will be warned when they are entering that zone via HUD warnings, visual indicators, and increasing audio alerts. If they continue into the zone, their ship will be destroyed.  The city has a bar with an interactive bartender and a personal equipment shop (Tammany and Sons) that includes an early implementation of the multi-tool. To move around the city, there is a train style transit system and signs to help guide the way.

  • Added: Hurston clothing/armor variants including variants of the Odyssey II flight suit and the Virgil TrueDef-Pro Armor.
  • Players now have expanded interactions with some items.

Feature Updates

Ships and Vehicles

  • Updated some ship and vehicle headlights for better projection.

Bug Fixes

  • Landing markers on Port Olisar should no longer appear to flicker.
  • Cargo boxes should no longer become stuck to the player’s feet/legs.
  • AI at Kareah should no longer become unresponsive or locked in a position.
  • Admins should now consistently interact and respond to players.
  • Ships in shops should no longer vibrate or be able to be knocked over.
  • The Cyclone at Teach’s ship shop should now be purchasable.
  • Players should no longer be able to turn the headlights on/off or raise landing gear for ship displays.
  • Selecting loadout customization from the lobby of Star Marine should now take you to the correct location.
  • Respawn UI should no longer remain on the screen after a Star Marine match ends.
  • The Starfarer should now more consistently talk to the player during ECN missions.
  • Crusader security should now more consistently talk to the player during patrol missions.
  • Round starts should now reset the player to their default weapons in Star Marine.
  • Fixed an issue where the Arena Commander region would default to AUS or be blank after the player exits to menu.
  • Single click firing should no longer cause some FPS weapons to skip recoil.
  • Battaglia missions should now properly award UEC.
  • Fixed an issue where the mobiGlas wouldn’t open while in EVA.
  • Quantum travel wingtip trails should now consistently appear on ships.
  • Corrected several ships that had the wrong sized quantum drives including Cutlass (now 2), Constellation (now 2), and Caterpillar (now 3).
  • The appointment mission for Recco Battaglia should now have a full mission description.
  • Players should no longer suffocate when reloading into a new instance of Arena Commander.
  • Plotting a QT jump from orbit to a surface location should no longer create a redundant destination to orbit as the first point.
  • Fix for an issue where aligning with a quantum destination prior to complete recharge would cause a calibration failure.
  • Fixes for some of the missing ATC audio.


  • Fixed 6 client crashes.
  • Fixed 2 server crashes.
  • Temporary fix to alleviate some 15006 errors.

3.3.0 Notes

New Features


  • Integrated voice over IP (VOIP) and face over IP (FOIP).

Settings can be accessed via the “comm setting” options menu including basic options and webcam facial calibration along with options to enable head-look tracking. To check if VOIP is active, open the comms section of the mobiGlas and be sure the microphone icon is enabled. VOIP requires the “NUMPAD +” to activate and broadcast to party members, proximity (if in global chat), or via direct calls. A “selfie” camera can be activated to check on FOIP behavior using the “numpad -” key and recalibrated using the “numpad *” key.

  • Numerous updates to grouping and chat services including a new visor chat interface.

Players can create their own chat on the comms mobiGlas and “tab” between different chats (ie global, party)” on the visor.

  • Added sliders for general mouse and mouse ADS sensitivity.


  • Added: Rest stop location – CRU L2
  • Added the repair/refuel/rearm functionality previously associated with CryAstro to all station landing pads (Port Olisar, Levski, Grimhex) and at Rest Stops.  Note: Repair mG function no longer automatically pops up and will need to be manually selected via the service app.
  • Added: Quantum route planning. 

The Starmap now has route planning functionality. To use, plot a final destination via the Starmap (can be any destination, including outposts).  Routing will automatically display a series of quantum jumps along with the fuel required.  Players will still have to calibrate and spool, but after each jump they will automatically be presented with the next destination in the route without needing to open their Starmap.

  • Added Teach’s Ship Shop to Levski.

Reached through an elevator in the customs area. You can purchase a ship via interacting with ships on the shop floor (similar to store displays). Ships on the shop floor can be opened and explored, but not flown.  All purchased ships come with insurance.

  • Added: Mission giver Recco Battaglia.

A former miner, Recco can be found in a side-hall on the lower floor at Levski and organizes resource needs for the base. 

  • Added: Asteroid mining.

Mineable resources can now be found in the asteroid belt around Yela and Delamar.


  • Added “Scramble Race” style missions.

Scramble races are death races using ships in space and using vehicles (Ursa/Cyclone) or Gravlev bikes (Nox/Dragonfly) on moons. Races use a checkpoint system with each player who shoots (ships) or moves over/near (vehicles) a checkpoint accruing a point toward victory.  Additionally, players can destroy race leaders to gain their points.  Races have a registration period after accepting the mission, giving some time for others to register, and a travel period for players to make their way to the start line.  Planetary surface races are located reasonably close to outposts for ease of travel and spawning vehicles.

Ships and Vehicles

  • Added: Cyclone TR, AA, and RC.

The Cyclone TR includes a rear gunner position, meant for combating infantry and ground vehicles. The AA has missiles and an EMP for dealing with threats from above. The RC is a racing variant with boost functionality.

  • Added: RSI Constellation Phoenix.
  • Added: Aegis Hammerhead.
  • Added: Anvil Valkyrie
  • Coolers now use power, perform according to power, and can be overclocked.
  • The Quantum Drive now performs according to its power state including faster spooling/calibration based on power and the ability to be overclocked.
  • Turret gyrostabilization can now be toggled via an interaction node as well as a hotkey “G”.
  • Power target level can now be set independently for each item on the ship MFDs, allowing them to be manually over or under-powered.
  • Added Hurston Dynamics Dominance and Attrition series ship weapons.

Available in sizes 1 – 3, the Dominance series are high quality scatterguns that fire more pellets as they build up heat. The Attrition series, available in sizes 1 – 6, are laser repeaters that deal higher damage, via increased fire rate, the hotter the weapon gets. Both weapons can be purchased at GrimHex Dumper’s Depot.

  • Quantum drives now have a maximum range per jump that varies depending on the size of the drive


  • Added FPS combat AI.

Available as a mission to Security Post Kareah.

  • Added motion warping to allow sliding during vaulting depending on the object/destination.
  • Added: Kastak Arms Karna assault rifle (available at Live Fire and Skutters).


  • Kiosks, the PMA, and the VMA all now have functioning item previews.

Arena Commander

  • Added Arena Commander in-game rental system

Available within the Arena Commander menu, players can now rent available ships direct from the client.

Feature Updates


  • Polished and smoothed one handed and two handed place/pickup animations.


  • Updated: RSI Odyssey Flight suit base design.
  • Changed mining power graph to reflect power transfer per time.
  • Added a visual shaking effect to mining to help indicate the optimal range.
  • The mining overcharge/danger bar now fills faster the greater danger you are in.
  • Extraction throughput while mining is now based on how long the beam hits the same location.
  • Instability while mining can now be lowered by holding the laser steady on the same point.
  • Reworked the way instability and resistance is calculated for mineable rocks.
  • When mineable rocks fracture their constitute ore will be unevenly divided.
  • The broken up chunks of mineable rocks should now have a radar icon when outside of the range of outlining.
  • Updated the mining resource quantities to create a thinner spread of higher yields.
  • Faded central elements of the mining UI slightly to allow for better visibility.
  • Slowed down and polished AI stair locomotion.
  • When starting a linked quantum jump the party list will now only show who started the jump with you.
  • Replaced Levski elevators with a revamped system.
  • Update and polish to pickup and dropoff deliveries at outposts.
  • Updated Security Post Kareah with new props, new geometry, and updated lighting.
  • CryAstro station has been removed as all services can now take place at rest stops and stations
  • Added new minable materials to refinery kiosks and rebalanced commodity trade routes.
  • Reduced the rate of interdiction to add more of a “rare” feel.


  • Updated delivery missions to include a new delivery locker system to expand their locations and functionality.


  • Updated pistol, stock, and shouldered inspect poses for more movement and control.
  • Added a blue light to spin animations for the F55.
  • Players can now enter interaction mode while inspecting a weapon.
  • Refinements and improvements to FPS weapon recoil.
  • Sped up the animation speeds of the lean mechanic.
  • Tweaks to the level of protection provided by personal armor.
  • Recoil and sway pass on the Gallant energy rifle.
  • Updated numerous basic locomotion animations.
  • Smoothed FPS movement and sway in and out of ADS.


  • Updated notification system with a new overall icon and new event specific icons, including the ability to dismiss the alert.
  • Removed F11 and RALT menus/function.
  • Expanded item previews for shopping kiosks and the mobiGlas.
  • Removed ship selection and updated 3D preview to be selected item on kiosks.

Ships and Vehicles

  • Complete rework of the Mustang series.
  • Changed and reallocated support screen distribution on the Constellation series.
  • Suppressed collision warnings for vehicles in hover mode to avoid excessive audio spam.
  • Removed aim assist from turrets.
  • Default loadouts have been redone on the following ships: Gladius, Gladius Valiant, Retaliator, Sabre, Sabre Comet, Hornet F7C, Hornet F7C Wildfire, Hornet F7CS, Hurricane, Terrapin, Mustang Alpha, Buccaneer, Cutlass, Dragonfly, * Herald, Merlin, Prospector, Reliant, Starfarer, Starfarer Gemini, 300i, 315p, 325a, 350r, 600i, 85x, Aurora CL, Aurora LN, Aurora LX, Aurora MR, Constellation Andromeda, Constellation Aquila, Nox, and Khartu-Al.
  • Increased the damage of all ship cannons, lowered their fire rate, increased their heat generation, and swapped many to “autocannons” that fire automatically.  Mass drivers and scatterguns have remained semi-automatic.
  • Updated heat and power MFDs.
  • Removed some of the scratches on the cockpit canopy interior of the Terrapin.
  • Refactored item overheat behavior and overheat warning system.
  • Added landing gear compression to the 85x.
  • Added a scroll bar to MFDs.
  • Increased the afterburner velocity of the Hurricane.
  • Added landing gear compression to the Freelancer.
  • Improved the headlights for most ships.
  • Balanced the power draw of the mining laser to require some degree of power management.
  • Significantly increased the health and regen of size 3 shields.
  • Fuel Updates to quantum travel: Ships can now initiate a QT to a destination they do not have enough fuel to reach, which is communicated on the HUD.  You can still initiate the travel, but will run out of fuel on the way there.

Arena Commander

  • Rebalanced REC rewards and rental costs
  • Temporarily removed the ability to customize and/or remove items from rented ships.
  • Changed the rental timer to a static timer that starts at the time of rental and lasts 3 days.

Bug Fixes

  • Exiting a ship while scanning should no longer cause the effects to remain until the player returns to the ship.
  • Fixed missing interaction highlights for the side airlocks of the Reclaimer.
  • Player footprints should no longer appear facing the wrong direction near the poles of planetary bodies.
  • NPCs should no longer get stuck trying to use an object.
  • Players landing on occupied pads should now properly be cited for obstructing.
  • Getting into the Prospector should no longer cause the player’s head to jerk violently.
  • The Vanguard series should now have a usable gun racks.
  • The Reclaimer’s bed exit prompts should now function properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Gemini F55 would play a change fire mode animation even though it doesn’t have separate fire modes.
  • The player’s camera should no longer move faster than the players weapon in ADS while in zero-g..
  • Players should now be able to go to the escape menu while in the starmap.
  • Players should now be able to hear the quantum travel arrival “boom” of other players.
  • Mineable rock deposits should no longer remain highlighted after entering 3rd person camera.
  • Fixed missing icons for self and target status on the MFDs.
  • The Hurricane turret seat animations should now have audio.
  • FPS weapons should no longer be missing their visor UI icons.
  • The headlights on the 600i should now work properly.
  • Fixed collision issue on the Starfarer’s catwalk.
  • The player should no longer leap into the air when running down stairs.
  • Fix for desync between client and server when respawning after suicide.
  • Exiting the bed of the 600i should no longer occasionally leave the player stuck in the ship’s interior.
  • Watermelons have returned to Echo 11, minus their crash causing behavior.
  • Players should now be able to sit at the desk in the Captain’s quarters of the 600i.
  • The 600i should no longer struggle to lift back off after landing.
  • Zooming in and out on the Starmap should now be centered on the cursor rather than the center of the view.
  • Ammo pickups in Arena Commander should now function properly.
  • Added g-force reactions to the pilot of the Terrapin.
  • The Khartu-Al’s cockpit control animations should now work for left/right strafe.
  • The 85x should no longer have a wobbly take off.
  • Engineering station MFDs should now be able to adjust the power triangle.
  • Child rocks should no longer spawn at different locations than their parents while fracturing.
  • Players should no longer be able to be bumped off of terminal hacks in Star Marine.
  • Outpost terminals should now display the correct message when spawning a second vehicle.
  • ECN missions should no longer instantly fail upon arrival out of quantum travel.
  • The interior cargo space of the Avenger Titan should no appear properly when looking into an open cargo hatch.
  • Mineable rocks should no longer appear at much shorter distances than non-mineable rocks.
  • Removed icons and added a faint silhouette highlighting for nearby rocks within 150m.
  • There should no longer be two purchasable “Midnight” Arclight pistols at the Live Fire Weapons kiosk.
  • The bottom shelf shield components at Dumper’s Depot should no longer be floating.
  • The wing ends of the Eclipse should now properly have collision.
  • The 600i should no longer appear to be floating when spawned into the hangar.
  • Opening the mobiGlas when placing cargo should no longer cause the cargo to become unusable.
  • AI spawning into swarm modes should no longer occasionally be motionless.
  • The turret view should no longer snap jarringly.
  • The ejection interaction node on the Sabre should now be reachable.
  • When holstering the pistol the players off-hand should no longer bend at an unnatural angle.
  • The enter ship from EVA animation for the Blade should no longer be misaligned.
  • The decal texture on the Star Kitten Dragonfly and Pirate Edition Caterpillar skins should no longer appear blurry.
  • Players should no longer fall through the floor at the Ursa’s side door.
  • Ship debris should now inherent the parent ship’s velocity.
  • Fix for player spinning in the seat when using the mobiGlas from the Freelancer’s turret seat.
  • Animations for entering the Blade should now be aligned correctly.
  • The Blade should now have internal atmosphere.
  • The pilot’s hands should now animate with flight in the 600i.
  • Fix for missing whizby and ricochet audio related to ship weaponry.
  • Players should now start with their weapon unholstered on respawn in Star Marine.
  • Lowered the drone platform inside the Reclaimer so players won’t get stuck as easily.
  • Corrected some issues with the LODs on the landing gear feet of the Reclaimer.
  • Couches in the upper lobby of GrimHex should now have available interaction points.
  • The Pyroburst ship weapon should now animate properly when fired.
  • Pressing the back button on the XBOX 360 gamepad should now properly open the mobiGlas.
  • The Vanguard bed bunks should now have proper interaction points.
  • Support screens should now work and stay properly on the Caterpillar.
  • The gun racks inside the Retaliator should now be usable.
  • Opening the mobiGlas in the Freelancer’s co-pilot seat should no longer cause the player to T-pose.
  • Player FPS weapons should no longer remain firing if they are being fired at time of death.
  • Player should no longer be able to trick AI to flying out of their defensive area. 
  • AI no longer goes unresponsive if a player moves outside of their defensive zone.
  • AI pilots should no longer go inactive if there are already 3 other AI ships attacking an intended target.
  • Grenade explosion VFX should no longer occasionally be out of sync with the actual grenade location.
  • Players should no longer occasionally shoot off into the distance when using vault or mantle near a corner.
  • Players should no longer be able to stand close to the glass at Kareah and fire through it.
  • Missiles should no longer be able to be locked onto a target inside an armistice zone.
  • EMP charging should now be interrupted by entering an armistice zone.
  • Pistols can now be fired faster to coincide with trigger pulls.
  • Added a number of missing interaction highlights on various 600i components.
  • All Arena Commander modes should now reward team revenge kill points.
  • Ship weapon fire should no longer be arrested if the trigger is pulled before the next cycle.
  • Comm array turrets should now fire at players with higher wanted levels.
  • The Ursa Rover and Cyclone can now be powered off properly on the MFD.
  • The player ship target should now clear after it has been removed.
  • The pitch ladder should no longer remain on the HUD after leaving atmosphere.


  • Fixed 4 client crashes.
  • Various performance tweaks.
  • Added asynchronous background spawning.
  • Implemented object container streaming (OCS).



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Danke fürs wiederbeleben @Katzenschinken,

hab mir die ersten 3 Seiten mal angesehen, schon krass was sich alles getan hat zu den ersten Patches.


Ich bin ja erst seit Oktober 2016 dabei, meine erste Version war 2.5.

Kann mich noch gut erinnern, auch noch daran wie ich mit @Stonehengeund @NForcer_SMCdie Satelitenmission (wie hieß die noch gleich? ICC oder so...) gemacht habe.

War fast unmöglich alle 12 Missionen am Stück zu spielen.


Das waren noch Zeiten :)




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